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  • Suitable for all genders and ages 
  • Family game 
  • Suitable to play indoor and outdoor 
  • Easy to build 



Size: 45cm x 88cm x 149cm 

Suitable for all genders and age

  • Whole-body workout and good for muscle development.
  • Helps to boost aerobic capacity, energy levels and metabolism which all translates into increased concentration levels at school.

  • Improve the social development and teamwork skills of your child as basketball is a team game. It can be parent-child activities since it is indoor.

  • Children learn good sportsmanship via game, learn their own performance rather than blaming things on others.

Product Information:

  1. Basketball Board 30x30cm 
  2. 12 Pipes Length 30cm 
  3. 14 Pipes Lenght 40cm 
  4. 8 Connecting Pipe Parts 
  5. 12 Connecting Pipe Parts
  6. 2 Basketball 12cm 
  7. 1 Basketball Net 
  8. 1 Net
  9. 1 Inflator 
  • LED lights and floating function from the hover ball 
  • LED Hover Ball Size: 18.5cm 
  • Inflatable Ball Size: 3cm 
  • 2 Sets Of Doors 
  • 1 USB Cable 
  • 1 Air Pump 
  • USB charge, no batteries needed
  • Save to play indoor. Soft foam bumper to protect your furniture 
  • Teamwork game and family bonding time
  • Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Volleyball (41cm) 
  • 4 coloured (51cm)
  • Suitable to play at the beach, children play tent, swimming pool, etc
  • Colour: Pink, Blue, Mix Colour
  • Dimension: 39cm x 23cm
  • Include 2 Rackets, 1 Shuttlecock, 1 Tennis Ball
  • A fun way to exercise to enhance the parent-child relationship
  • Suitable Age: 3y+

Size when inflated: 3.27M x 2.67M x 1.02M 

Material: PVC

Model: #57147NP


Product Includes: 

  1. Soccer Game
  2. Volleyball Game
  3. Baseball Game
  4. 1 Football Ball 
  5. 1 Volleyball Ball
  6. 2 Goals
  7. 1 Volleyball Net 
  8. 1 Baseball Bat


Remark: The pool set does not include a pump.


Size when inflated: 2.51m x 1.68m x 1.02m

Material: PVC

Model: #54122


Product Includes:

  1. 1 Pool
  2. 2 Balls
  3. Repair Patch 
  4. 2 Sides Of Goals


Remark: The pool set does not include a pump.


Size when inflated: 2.37m x 1.52m x 0.94m

Material: PVC

Model: #54170


Product Includes:

  1. 5 play balls
  2. 2 goals on the pool walls
  3. Repair patch 


Remark: The pool set does not include a pump.