Interview: Desiew x Marc TRAN

Do you like original designs, worked with taste and minutie ? Then you’ll like Marc Tran !

Who is behind this name ? We shall find him together in this interview which he has granted us.
Let’s learn more about this talented French designer who works with renowned brands such as Fugue ou Jaguar.

For begin, present you quickly !

So my name is Marc Tran and I am 29 years old. I was born in France but originally my parents are from Vietnam and Laos. I would define myself as a very curious person, I love sports and travelling.

How long have you started designing ?

I started my design career 4 years ago as a freelance, and I am now working as an exterior detail designer at Jaguar cars.

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Did you study design ?

Yes I study industrial design in France, I did a Master degree in industrial design at ISD in Valenciennes and before a Bachelor in Lyon.

How is the development of a product ?

Each development of product are different, there is no standard. However there are some similarities. The designer will collaborate with a wide range of professionals : engineers, marketing etc…

He will possibly be initiating the first idea and see the whole development until a final product or service. There will always be challenges, and what is important is to take away some learning, like in your life.

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What software and tools do you use to work ?

My main tool is a pen and some paper, nothing replace the doodle or sketch on a piece of paper or a notebook. I use basic Bic pen. I like the feeling of it when I draw. I use markers too and give colour to a hand sketch.

Then I also use Wacom Intuos tablet and Adobe Photoshop to do digital sketches or photo editing. I also use Adobe Illustrator for vector work.
In terms of 3D software I use Rhino and bit Autodesk Alias and for rendering Keyshot and Autodesk Vred.

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What are you sources of inspiration ?

Inspiration is everywhere, for me design is cross-disciplinary so you should feed your design work with other activity, in my case : photography, taekwondo, surfing and snowboarding, sports in general, cooking, travels, salsa …

How would you define your work ?

I like to provide simple design, elegant which is long-lasting in terms of the quality of the materials used and the life-cycle of the product. I don’t like designing for the sake of designing and replacing and existing products which « could do the job ».

And I think that is probably seen in my work. I enjoy learning about a new fields while starting a project, in my case I learnt about luggage, horology, furniture, and now transportation.

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You work in different countries, especially in France, what do you remember about this country ?

Yes I was born and raised in France so my culture is influenced by this amazing country.
My life close to the Alps, the great food, and the city of Lyon influenced a lot what I am today. And as my family is still there, I go back quite often.

To finish, what advice would you give a young designer ?

I would advise a young designer to be curious and open like a sponge. Don’t be afraid of asking. Designing for a brand is important, understanding the DNA, the history, the story…

Simon Sinek is saying:

« People don’t buy what you do they are buying why you are doing it. »

Ask for constructive feedback, and don’t take things to personally, have growing mindset not a fixed mindset (I invite you to read Dr. Carol Dweck on that).

Spend some time to sketching, watch tutorials, ask tips, because the sketch is your way to communicate your idea to people.

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A big thanks to Marc Tran for this interview, do not hesitate to follow him on his social networks to follow all his news.

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