Interview Desiew x RIPATON

You like to create your own decorations, the DIY, Add a little bit of your creativity in your house ? So this interview is for you!

It’s time to discover the brand Ripaton

Why this name « Ripaton » ?

Ripaton means « foot » in old French (slang) !

How much are you behind this project, and what are your roles ?

We are two co-founders, Tom and Margot , 27 years old, from Montpellier (South France). The idea came when we were looking for feet to revamp our coffee table. We realized that it was not easy to find, and especially very often not very design! Fans of deco and vintage , we wanted to postpone this 40s foot Pin , which is very trendy in furniture for several years besides sea.

Tom mainly deals with the web and technical aspects (workshop, production, suppliers)
Margot takes care of all the commercial part, customer service, communication, social networks and collaborations. Ripaton was born in October 2015, and since the team has expanded !
There is Maxime, the workshop leader, 3 workers in the workshop, and Morgane, our communications intern and photographer produced !

All our products are made in Montpellier, and sold on our site

What is Hairpin Legs ?

This is our flagship product ! It is made of all sizes, colors, with 2 or 3 branches , straight or inclined !

How does Hairpin Legs work?

The hairpin leg is manufactured from solid crude steel . The large bars are cut out , then enclosed , and finally welded to the triangular plate, the one to be fixed under the tray. Each foot is then treated rustproof or painted . All the workmanship is entirely realized at the main , within the workshop. 100% made in France ! It is very important for us to make this foot entirely from A to Z in the workshop, this allows us to answer the demands on measure and especially to propose a product of quality , of which we are proud .

Which software (s) , support (s) do you use to draw and create your products ?

We use autoCAD for all technicals drawings. Otherwise, many products are created directly in the workshop, according to our inspirations.

How do you find new ideas feet, your inspirations sources?

We are inspired by the vintage design , the trendy furniture we like, we take a lot of photos when we move, Travel and then try to create new models of feet. The idea is to offer a large range of different table legs and furniture, always in steel but in different shapes and colors. Once you have the workshop and the raw material, the possibilities are really endless !

What is your look at the DIY ?

The DIY is truly a booming trend in which we have registered fully and that we strongly encourage! – Like us, more and more people are tired of standard furniture, which is found at everyone and especially at excessive prices . We receive so many photos of customers who are proud to have not only manufactured themselves their furniture but also to have a 100% French company ! Today it is relatively easy and inexpensive to make its own furniture, coffee table with a strong rendering and really cool !


What is your main clientele ?

We have customers who are designers and with whom we work with collaborate on custom foot models. We also have many architects, restorers, interior decorators.

How does this add to the building in creating your clients ?

It’s great ! We are often pleasantly surprised by our clients’ creations , they have so much inspiration ! Quickly our brand has enjoyed a strong interest in social networks and we are super proud to see photos of our clients’ creations with our feet, see them shared, commented on social networks !

Will you develop and sell your own achievements ?

We aim to propose soon trays , so our customers will be able to buy both their feet and trays for their DIY creations, but there is no Sell our own creations.

The final world ?

This is just the beginning of the adventure Ripaton, we are preparing for beautiful surprises , collabs and novelties for 2017! 🙂

Thanks to Ripaton for taking the time to answer our questions and share these beautiful photos. Do not hesitate to go for a walk on their shop, and you also create your own creations !

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