Interview: Desiew x EDIE & WATSON

Before read this interview put on your most beautiful glasses because we go to the meeting of french startup Edie & Watson.

Edie & Watson ? That sounds familiar… But yes it’s the brand specializing in the anti-light blue glasses !
How does he create their glasses ? Sources of inspiration ? Their working method ? Zoom on the operation and the success of this startup.

How is the development of a pair of glasses ?

Everything starts with an idea, of inspiration that you try to put on paper. In the first time, you draw and model frame for open a mold. Once the mold is open, you make several tests of colors, of scales… in terms of what you had imagined. As soon as test meets your expectations in terms of aesthetics and quality : you validate the prototype and there you lunch the production !

How long between the idea and the realization of a pair of glasses ?

It depends ! The next models that will come out – Glen, Alamo et Hayes – we work on them since 7 months ! Because the first model developed initially was not appropriate,we have had to go right back the thing. Furthermore, for the first time we decided to work of news materials with a model that mixes steel and the injected. It was therefore necessary to control these two new elements to ensure a product of the same quality to which we have accustomed our customers until then.
Interview design Edie & Watson

With which software you work modeling ?

What factor should be taken into account when designing a pair of glasses ?

Hahaha good question. In Edie & Watson one does as one feels, if we had listened most of our friends who serve us as guineas pigs : we would not have released half of our models. The principal factor it’s that you are proud of your pair and that you want to share a story around it to show him respect.

How do you find new ides ? Sources of inspirations ?

It is very varied, one can be inspired by a pair seen in a film, a canvas, the nose of unknown or a customer who suggests us to work an existing frame. For exemple we had an customer who asks us regularly to make a pair in Aviator style… Maybe we will give in!

Designers are also your customers, it’s often those who elect futur models: cet collaborative exchange with these is important for you ?

We are very close to our customers; we like to make them laugh at our rotten jokes, make them smile with our pictures of Sultan (our mascot). We wanted to go further in our relationship and we thought it was natural to create with them the glasses that are intended for them.

What profile and skills to be a designer at Edie & Watson ?

Any. Everyone is involved in the development of glasses : our dev, the trainee, the customer, Sultan etc.

Small word of the end for Sultan ?

Every time you buy a pair of Edie & Watson, you contribute indirectly to the croquette budget of this little fat.

Thanks again Edie & Watson to have granted this interview, find them on their various social networks, go take a look at their shop.

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